Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rocking Out Acoustic Style at The Cellar

Ju from Little Fish
Thanks to all of you who came along on Thursday for what turned out to be an awesome night of music. It was great to finally see Bethany Weimers on piano and I love her new songs - very dark, beautiful. She's recording at the moment and the album will follow soon so watch that space. Samuel Zasada have bulked up since I saw them last. It really suits their songs, with some incredible vocal harmonies still ringing in my head.
You can find out more about them and their next gigs here. Ju and Ben from Little Fish completely rocked the stage and got the audience singing sweetly along to their songs. I loved Ju's new beat song - especially the onstage self-lynching! Check out what's going on in the fish bowl here. We got a real buzz from our first Oxford show and can't wait to set up another Cellar show. There's talk about doing one that focuses solely on the local femmes fatales. [Better give Undersmile a call..] Celebrations spilt well into one of the darkest Fridays on record, but we're back on track and looking forward to this Thursday's gig at the Port Mahon. I leave you with a video of my song 'Billboards' recorded on Thursday night.