Thursday, 27 January 2011


It's nearly February so I've decided to celebrate.. with badges!

These badges are designed by notorious polymath, Toni Le Busque-Badgetarian, and have on them Toni's own special take on my song lyrics. Each is unique and you can get your hands on one just by joining my mailing list.

Gigs!? Next week I'll be playing at the Port Mahon with Mr Humphrey Astley on guitar and Mr Nizou Ben Ayed on keys. It'll be a little smidge of what my new band has been working on - so do come on down for a listen and to pick up your badge! This night has been organised by a new website called Live and Loud- it's my first L'n'L gig so I don't know how it'll turn out - could be interesting. The FB page is here. Be there for 8.00pm if you can - and it's £4 on the door.

I can now confirm that my new band 'Mara' will be playing our first Oxford show at the Cellar on the 31st March (more acts TBA soon) - so, as the Venerable Chopping puts it: "Get out your diaries! Get out your diaries! Moleskin, iPhone, Filofax..."

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The holidays are gone - way to fast.. but at least the rivers have thawed and the swans are free from their ice-traps. True Story!
A New Year always brings on a little reflection and I have decided to kick start this one by entering Live and Unsigned 2011.  My audition is in 6 weeks  (ARGH!). At the moment I'm trying to figure out which song I should audition with. I have 2 minutes to prove to a judging panel made up of radio presenters and record labels that I'm a worthy contender, so choosing the song isn't easy. Any ideas?

The album artwork has arrived and I've included a little sneak peek of the front cover. Elisa Muliere has done an amazing job, painting an image for each track.  It was an interesting experiment to see how (or if) a painter could translate my music into visual art. Elisa is a poet with a paintbrush so I asked her only to draw what she heard in my songs, without any direction or request from me at all. All I'll say for now is that the result is unsettlingly cool..More news on the album to follow.