Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tour, album, more recording and finally....a holiday.

Hello! Sadly I've been neglecting my blog because things have been so incredibly busy recently. As you know, the Martyrs and I finally finished recording our debut album and it is now being mixed until everyone is happy… This could take some time, so we have decided to postpone our album launch until the New Year. Also, I’m buggering off to Australia and Bali for a few months to have a little rest, experience a summer, and write a few songs about kangaroos and my love of HRI, so it seemed best to hold off until my return. We will be releasing a single from the album soon, though, so you will get to hear a little taster of what we have spent the best part of 2012 creating.

In October, Tom and I are venturing off to the Netherlands and Germany to play some shows as part of our Eurotour. Sunshine and beers here we come! We'll have camcorder in hand to create a little video of our journey and shows, so if you really can't make it to Europe, you'll be able to watch us from home... Thinking about being on the road again makes me feel all nostalgic for our long drives in America. Not so much for the ones where we didn't see a gas station for 15 hours, though. Huck and the Handsome Fee R.I.P.

Speaking of the Fee, do you remember that fellow Huck? Well he has just finished writing a concept album and has started to play some gigs around Oxford before he begins recording it next year. The Huck Duo (including Tommy Longfellow) played their first live show last night at the Bully, and it was great. Tom and I also played a little set earlier in the night; it was good to have all the Martyrs onstage again, even if it was in our solo guises. Huck's next appearance will be in the bar of the Phoenix Picturehouse this Friday 31st August, while the Duo play again at the Wheatsheaf on the 17th of September.

 And if that isn’t enough then I’ll leave you with the good news that I’ve finished writing my solo album, which I’ll begin recording next month.  Come and hear some of the tracks on Friday 7 September at the last 'All Tamara's Parties' night in the East Oxford Community Centre.