Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Supporting the Secret Sisters in Oxford

So, last night we supported the Secret Sisters at the O2 Academy, Oxford. It was my first time at this venue, but the boys have rattled those walls many a time in their Sextodecimo days. I was quite nervous because the place was packed out, but after a few sonic gripes we settled nicely into our set, and Humphrey was grinning every time he picked up his bass. The crowd were great, so attentive and friendly despite the beer being £4 a can!

Backstage with the Secret Sisters
The Secret Sisters were really friendly, down to earth Southern girls. Their set was stunning, punctuated with funny anecdotes and sisterly jibes. It sounds like they've enjoyed the first leg of their UK tour, with crowds warming to them everywhere they go. After us came Simon Lynge, who announced that he'll soon be opening up for Emmylou Harris. He introduced himself as an Eskimo from Greenland and told other-worldly stories of a pastoral youth, watching the glacier fog roll in like a big slug, and mischievously robbing skulls from stone graves - apparently there's no topsoil in Greenland so you have to bury bodies under piles of stones.

Anyway, we're heading down to the Isis on Friday - so come and say hi: Mayhem.

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  1. sonic gripes wouldn't happen to tamara and the fruit faces....