Friday, 22 July 2011

Back from Bath, off to Truck and then a shower.

The Martyrs and I have had a pretty crazy week kicking off with a spot of recording on Monday at Studio 101. We're demoing some tracks to record for our new Album, which should be available in all good bargin bins of independant record shops in Oxfordshire a little later in the year. For a sneaky listen to what we've recorded (and much much more) you can join our Ongaku Lounge and receive the demos that noone else will ever hear! Tuesday saw Humphrey and I rocking out acousticly at the Gloucester Arms. I've never been to the Gloucester Arms before. I thought it was for metal-heads and hell's angels. It is, but is not as intimidating as it should be and I met a real mix of music-lovers. Thanks to everyone who came down to show their support.
On the road

Last night was one of our best gigs yet at a quirky pub called the Pig and Fiddle in Bath. We re-worked an old Huck and the Handsome Fee classic 'Thinkin' on a Problem' which went down well. The crowd were great. We supported a local band called The Idiot Savants who were very funky. Their sax player was awesome, and Tommy and their drummer were inseperable, gushing over dry-rides and high-hats. If you're in Bath I'd reccomend you go and see this band. And so now it's time for a little R'n'R at Truck Festival. I'm looking forward to catching Bellowhead's set tonight and the Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band tomorrow. See you there!

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