Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Solo EP available and the Martyr's album begins...

Humphrey hams it up
Since our journey to the South the Martyrs and I have been slogging away in the rehearsal studio, learning a batch of new songs. Tommy 'Octopus' Longfellow has been getting creative on the drums and trying to prove he ain't just a pretty face. Humphrey 'The Squid' Astley continues to nauseate with his bravura axe wielding. He even finished off one recording session with a bit of slide guitar using a ham and salad bap.

Can it get any more ROCK & ROLL?

The weather was so good  on Saturday that we decided to spend the whole day in the dark windowless rooms of Studio 101 recording 'Charon's Boat' for the album. This is the first track we have laid down for the album and we spent the day getting the bass and drums just right. It's quite a complicated song to record as most of the action takes its cue from the vocals, so with no vocal to guide us timing was no walk in the park.
It's great to have finally started recording our album. We aim to have it complete by the end of the year, ready to take on tour in 2012.
I've now finished recording my solo EP 'Lover' and the first order of CD's should arrive at the end of the month. If you fancy one sent to your door, as soon as they come in, you can pre-order them from the Martyr's store.

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