Friday, 2 March 2012

Albums Galore

It's been too long since I last put mind to screen here and not because I've been lazing around on the couch drinking fizzy pop and munching crisps..oh no! The band have been busy rehearsing and writing. We're going to get into the studio in April to start recording our debut album. This is the first time I've ever been involved in recording an album and I'm really enjoying the process. I especially like jamming the songs and writing new parts. The boys have been flexing their vocal chords too and seem to have formed a kind of ghoulish barber shop trio behind my back. Still a lot to do but we are getting there..

My solo EP 'lover' has had a couple of lovely reviews and Tom (Sharp) and I have been working on this material to form a duo set. I write a lot of songs that would never see the light of day with the Martyrs and so working on both projects has been really fulfilling. You might have heard about my three colour EP series, well, the idea now is to release one of these a year. So it'll all be a bit more spread out than first envisaged. First I'm going to record my debut solo album. It will hopefully be ready in the summer and will feature loads of unheard material and a few other Oxford artists.

If you want to read the reviews that have recently been published about the EP then walk this way.

Get ready for more music soon...

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