Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rain Schmain!

Happy May Day! Respect to those of you who stayed out all night in the rain. I got caught in a thunderstorm on the way home from the pub and a friendly milkman gave me a lift. A real milkman in a real milkfloat. Soaked in nostalgia I almost starting singing Doris Day into a gold top as the rain poured down.

But not even a bit of rain can break my mood this week. I had a great day in the studio on Sunday recording my guitar parts for the Martyrs' album. Tom came along to spur me on but instead spent the day swimming in tea and lamenting his hangover. We decided to celebrate the day's success by heading down to the O2 to see Blood Red Shoes, who somehow I'd never heard of. I had to slap Tom for not telling me about these guys sooner…AMAZING! 

Their set up is minimal: drums, guitar, and 2 vocals. But their sound is huge. They can really play. And sing. And basically do everything to the point at which, while you’re watching them, you feel sick with wonder and envy and realise that these things might be possible if you just spent a little more time practicing the guitar and a little less time watching Come Dine With Me. Godammit! Then I saw that ‘Lover’ had received a great review in Nightshift and Karma had been playing its part. Last week I fell off my bike, this week I got a good review. The balance is restored. 

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