Thursday, 4 October 2012

Eurotour Part Twee: Tour Cancelled

Sadly my second update of the tour isn't quite what I wanted it to be. On Tuesday night in Utrecht Tom's car got broken into. Luckily, no guitars were taken and everything else was insured (funny they didn't take the sat nav, they must've known it was broken) but we decided to cut the tour short and come back to England to sort things out, especially as we now had a whole window missing on the passenger side. We'd had a blast up until this point, returning that night from a cool gig in Cafe Camelot in Nijmegan. A big thanks to Pete for sorting out the tour and looking after us, especially for helping us get back on the road with lots of boxes and bags to cover the window.  And a big apology to the promoters of the last three shows, we were so looking forward to the rest of the trip. We have lots of footage of the good bits so I'll put a little film together soon and, as always,  thanks for all your support.

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