Monday, 16 December 2013

All Tamara's Parties #12 at Somerville College Chapel

Caroline Bird
Friday the 13th finally came around and if you missed All Tamara’s Parties then boy did you miss out!  We covered the venue in clementines, candles, holly and chocolates for that Christmassy feel and it looked beautiful.  The smell of orange and chocolate filled the chapel as members of the audience arrived and began unwrapping sweets and peeling orange skin in anticipation of the first act…which was George Chopping with some hilarious poems to warm everyone up.  To follow was me, Caroline Bird, Ben Walker -who had everyone singing along to his Oxford song, Count Drachma and Candy Says with a stunning acoustic set to round off the night.  Garrett Coakley took these lovely pictures of the night and I’m so glad he was there to capture the magical atmosphere.  It looks like Somerville will be happy to invite us back for another show so stay tuned for more from ATP in the New Year.
Candy Says
Ben Walker
Count Drachma

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