Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What is the Cheese Like in America?

So, it is about time I properly updated the Huckiad and informed you of The Fee's, and my solo, plans for the next coming months. We had our first 'band meeting' last week after a 4 hour rehearsal. We managed to pound out "Christine" for the duration. We discussed our tour/trip to America. A big thanks to the wine and Wooky hole cheese that facilitated this meeting, without which I'm sure we wouldn't have made it this far. America is shaping up to be quite the trip of the year, with the boys planning to get a nice little van and drive from Seattle, down the West Coast via San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, through Death Valley onto Phoenix, Arizona and Denver. I'll be joining them in Texas if they've managed to survive that long without me, where the second leg of our journey begins. I shall keep you updated from here on in.

In other news, The Fee will be making a music video with Big Face Art, based in London, and I'll be mixing my solo stuff next month. I still haven't decided on a cover design, but I have a few artists in mind. Perhaps I'll create a shortlist and ask you to vote for your favorite.

See more at BigFaceArt and BigFaceJam.

Check out this video of Henry Stead performing Attis. This was taken from the LPS night we performed at in the Jam Factory, Oxford.

HENRY STEAD - Attis from Big Face Art on Vimeo.

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