Friday, 4 June 2010

Negative Huckability

One of the things I love about singing with Huck is that I never know quite what he's going to do next.
For example, he might decide just to scream down the mic, instead of going for that nice harmony we worked on the week before. He could curl his lip at any moment, and with a wink of an eye, beckon me over to slur together into one mic. Or he might even just stop singing altogether and let me take the reigns.

But this 'improv' style can also irk me a little. It is nice to know where you're going, what notes you are aiming for, and it feels good when you meet in the middle and create the sound you wanted. But it's safe. Not boring, as such.. but who wants to see the same thing over and over again? Isn't that what CDs and films are for? I think one of the points of live performance is to give the audience and yourselves something new, something different to the recording, something more. Not so different that when people listen to the CD they think it is something else, but the realms of performance need to keep on being pushed. Otherwise we lose something - something we might not find again. So when I see that little glimmer in Huck's eye, I know that whatever happens next, I just have to suck it up and not be afraid of not knowing.

Come see it all happen tomorrow night at the Wheatsheaf. We're supporting the Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band.

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